We all know that a physical knowledge is called thermal expansion and contraction, and all items are affected by temperature, only to a different extent. So what happens to the acrylic products when they are heated? Experts from Sanait Co Ltd share the following knowledge: 1, Hardness: Excessive temperature will make the surface of acrylic, […]

Good quality acrylic material determines a high-quality acrylic product. It is obvious that if you choose a poor quality acrylic material, the processed acrylic product will be deformed, yellowed or blackened or processed into many defective products. These issues are directly related to the choice of acrylic materials. The professional acrylic production plant, Sanait Co […]

Punching acrylic sheets is a very common process, but many customers have reported that acrylic sheet has cracked when it has been punched. So how does the burst occur and how should it be dealt with? Here is a brief summary of the points of Sanait Co Ltd for your reference: 1, When the acrylic […]

The biggest advantage of acrylic photo frame compared with the traditional wooden photo frame is that the acrylic photo frame is simple and fashionable, so it will attract the attention of young people. Sanait Co. Ltd is one of the biggest of acrylic photo frames in Dongguan city, China.   Today we will analyze the […]

The acrylic fish tank is made of acrylic sheets. This material is light and environmentally friendly, and the landscaping is also beautiful, which is very popular among people. However, in daily fish farming, the daily care of acrylic fish tanks is also a problem that needs attention: 1, Acrylic is a new type of plastic […]

There are many kinds of fish tanks on the market, and what kind of fish tank is the acrylic fish tank? What is the advantage of it compared with ordinary fish tanks? If the fishermen buy such fish tanks, they will be cleaned and maintained daily. What issues should I pay attention to in the […]

Acrylic display stands

April 9, 2019

Acrylic display stands have been widely loved by people. Ordinary display stands such as wood products or glass and plastic products in some shops, they are not beautiful. Although it is not too careless to buy items, if you use acrylic display stand, you can greatly Increasing the presentation rate of items can make one […]

Acrylic sheet, PC sheet, PS sheet, MS sheet, PP sheet, these kinds of sheets are very similar, in the same color, it is hard to identify which sheet. If the consumer does not understand the product knowledge, it will give the seller the opportunity to scam. Make the seller profitable. For example, at present, all […]

1. When you purchase, you can judge the quality by touching the acrylic display stand. The high-quality acrylic display has a smooth, smooth surface and does not easily leave fingerprints or other marks. 2. Pay attention to the light transmission of the acrylic display stand when purchasing. Since good acrylic materials have excellent light transmission, […]

Choosing a good food display allows customers to quickly follow your product and then has the opportunity to get sales. Acrylic food display stands often use imported high-quality acrylic materials, customized according to product style. Of course, in the production of various professional food display racks, we will be tailor-made based on customer needs. From […]