Punching acrylic sheets is a very common process, but many customers have reported that acrylic sheet has cracked when it has been punched. So how does the burst occur and how should it be dealt with? Here is a brief summary of the points of Sanait Co Ltd for your reference:

1, When the acrylic plate is punched, the crack will appear. Generally, it is caused by improper operation. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the acrylic sheet is very large, generally nine times that of the metal. Therefore, when punching the acrylic sheet, pay attention to it. To leave a gap for the expansion and contraction of the acrylic sheet, and to make a larger hole; there is also a case where the screw is too tight when the screw is tightened; in addition, the simple hole punching should not be too close to the edge.

2, Using a common twist drill, grinding into a three-pointed shape, the tip of the middle is slightly higher, such a drill bit can drill the acrylic. Or rock by hand, the force should be even when drilling, and the pores left under the acrylic sheet should be small to enhance the strength of the acrylic. It is also possible to put some sand on the glass to enhance the friction.

3, The punching position can not be scrubbed with alcohol, otherwise it will easily burst.

Better quality acrylic sheets is the basic guarantee for avoiding bursts. Sanait Co Ltd specializes in the production and sales of new acrylic sheets, giving you a quality assurance.