Nowadays many display stands or various boxes need to be customized as long as they use acrylic materials, and customers have to go through a series of searches and selections in order to determine whether they are suitable acrylic manufacturers for their own products. After the selection is made, it is necessary to send an inquiry. Acrylic manufacturers will make quotations according to customer requirements. However, many customers do not understand why the price of sample is more expensive than the price of the mass goods.

In fact, the acrylic manufacturer’s offer is reasonable. For example, a quantity of price is generally considered as a proof price for any processing plant. Because the production of one and the production of 10, 100, 1000, are also the same process of drawing, making molds and so on. Moreover, there is only one quantity, and in case there is a little scrap in the production process, it is the responsibility of the acrylic manufacturer. So this is the most fundamental reason.

Of course, the acrylic factory will not only consider its own. Under normal circumstances, the sample fee will be indispensable, but in the subsequent large-scale goods, the cost of the sample will be adjusted according to the price of the product, and the sample fee can also be exempted. The sample fee is calculated based on the cost of the batch. These must be based on the number of customers’ products and draw conclusions!