We all know that a physical knowledge is called thermal expansion and contraction, and all items are affected by temperature, only to a different extent. So what happens to the acrylic products when they are heated? Experts from Sanait Co Ltd share the following knowledge:

1, Hardness:

Excessive temperature will make the surface of acrylic, acrylic finished products soften, and the hardness will naturally drop.

2, Extensibility:

When the temperature increases and the acrylic softens, the structural properties of the acrylic itself change, and the elongation also decreases.

3, Influence of Poisson’s ratio:

The higher the temperature, the higher the Poisson’s ratio of the finished acrylic product.

The above is some changes after the heat of acrylic. If you have any other questions about acrylic, please don’t hesitate to contact Sanait Co Ltd for more details.