The biggest advantage of acrylic photo frame compared with the traditional wooden photo frame is that the acrylic photo frame is simple and fashionable, so it will attract the attention of young people. Sanait Co. Ltd is one of the biggest of acrylic photo frames in Dongguan city, China.
Today we will analyze the processing technology of acrylic photo frames:
1. Cut the material according to the determined size:
Because the most common size of acrylic sheets on the market today is 2440x1220mm, we need to cut the shape and color of the acrylic photo frames according to the design. Of course, the first step of all acrylic products is needed. It is not just the acrylic photo frame that is determined by the material.
2, Polishing:  

The frame of the acrylic photo frame that has been cut but not processed is very rough. At this time, the semi-finished product of the acrylic photo frame is neither beautiful nor easy to scratch, but the semi-finished product of the polished acrylic photo frame can not only improve. Its own transparency, and it will not easily scratch the user’s hand.
3, Drilling:  

Acrylic photo frame uses strong magnetic and advertising nails to achieve an effect, which requires acrylic holes in the production process need to install a few holes, how many holes, in order to facilitate the subsequent strong magnetic or The installation of advertising nails.
4, Mosaic magnet:  

After drilling, the next process is to drive the magnet into the hole of the acrylic photo frame, because the hole of the acrylic photo frame is designed according to the diameter of the magnet, so it is difficult to inlay, only with a rubber hammer Knocking in, relatively speaking, this process needs to be more careful.