The acrylic fish tank is made of acrylic sheets. This material is light and environmentally friendly, and the landscaping is also beautiful, which is very popular among people. However, in daily fish farming, the daily care of acrylic fish tanks is also a problem that needs attention:

1, Acrylic is a new type of plastic material with good transparency and weather resistance. However, acrylic is easily eroded by some solvents, and after being eroded, it is likely that cracks will affect the appearance of the acrylic. In daily life, we should avoid contact between the acrylic fish tank and some quick-drying diluents such as aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, esters such as ethyl acetate, and ketone solvents such as acetone. These solvents are corrosive. Acrylic fish tank contact can erode the fish tank. Some paints, adhesives, various primers, etc. contain almost toluene, which also erodes the acrylic fish tank, so avoid these things directly in contact with the acrylic fish tank. In addition, these solvents also have a certain volatility, and the volatilized gas will also erode acrylic after contact with acrylic, so don’t say that these things are put together with acrylic.

2, Acrylic is easily deformed after the temperature is above 100 °C, so do not place the acrylic in an environment with a temperature above 80 °C, which may cause acrylic deformation. Don’t put acrylic in an environment where there are more welding Mars. Some cigarettes will also cause acrylic deformation. Try not to throw cigarette butts around acrylic. Avoid acrylic exposure to lights or spotlights for long periods of time.

3, Use acrylic fish tank for a long time. There will be some dust or oil on the surface of the fish tank. The way to clean these dust and oil is to wipe it gently with a soft cloth or sponge. For some stains that are difficult to remove, such as oil stains, it is recommended to wipe them slowly with warm water. When cleaning solvents such as detergents must be used, make sure that the solvent in the detergent does not erode the acrylic tank.

4, Sometimes acrylic surface will have some difficult to remove stains such as tape, use some solvents to clean the surface of the acrylic damage, so do not use. If you use a sharp object such as a knife to scrape, you may scratch the acrylic. It is recommended not to use it. The general method is to wipe it off slowly with warm water.