Advertising signs generally refer to all outdoor media that convey advertising information, ranging from logos to spiritual fortresses, which have the effect of showing oneself and stimulating consumption. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, or on the streets, a dazzling array of signs can be seen everywhere in major supermarkets, shops, companies, communities, and streets. So, what kind of advertising signboard system is more eye-catching and shows the grade?

acrylic advertising signs

This starts with the material. When billboards of various and different materials appear together, the advertising materials have an intuitive impact on the overall effect of the advertising signs, and the quality of the billboard materials will also affect consumers’ first impression of the advertising. . When traditional materials are increasingly unable to meet the increasing aesthetic requirements and economic benefits of businesses, the application of new materials has become inevitable. After a large number of scientific and effective experiments, acrylic has been promoted in the advertising industry with its excellent comprehensive performance.

Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material that has been developed earlier. It has very good light transmission and beautiful vision; easy to process, ever-changing shapes; high temperature resistance and strong impact resistance; after processing, it can be made into acrylic luminous characters and acrylic Light boxes and various acrylic shapes are widely used in advertising signs and large outdoor logo shapes.

From the aesthetic point of view, acrylic material has high gloss, bright color, color durability can reach more than ten years, and it is not easy to change color and fade. This is unmatched by traditional metal characters and inkjet. After acrylic advertising signs are colored, the light that shines is usually more attractive and commercial value than advertising signs made of other materials. The special color saturation and the excellent durability of the external luster make the acrylic advertising signs crystal clear and shiny in the sun, with unparalleled visual impact, and the grade is instantaneous. The high light transmittance of acrylic itself, coupled with the built-in light source, makes acrylic advertising signs uniform and soft at night. Compared with neon lights, it is more charming, and it can be said to have both day and night effects.

Acrylic has good processing performance. It can be processed by hot bending, cutting, electric saw, drilling, uv printing and other processes. It has relatively good flexibility and is not easy to crack; it can be perfect with aluminum composite panel profiles and advanced screen printing. Combining to meet the needs of businesses, acrylic blister is a form of outdoor advertising signs that improves the store level and unifies the excellent corporate image.

From the perspective of economic benefits, acrylic has good light transmission performance, so the utilization rate of the light source is relatively high. In the case of the same power light source, the advertising signs made by acrylic are more energy-saving and energy-saving. The electricity bill itself is a kind of cost, which can effectively reduce the cost for large advertising signs with relatively high energy consumption.

Acrylic advertising signs usually use built-in light sources, no external wiring, and are not easy to damage. It also solves the problems of short circuits and failures of lines and light sources exposed to the air. The airtightness is good, and the use is not affected by rain or snow, and it is safe and durable. Stable physical properties, strong resistance to high and low temperature deformation, is also one of the important characteristics of acrylic used in outdoor advertising signs. Strong anti-ultraviolet ability makes it not easy to fade; resistance to high temperature and low temperature, can adapt to various harsh and changeable natural environments.

Acrylic is very eye-catching by virtue of its novel appearance and ever-changing design. At the same time, it has unparalleled outdoor weather resistance, which is unique among many advertising materials. According to relevant statistics, in the foreign advertising industry, the utilization rate of acrylic products has reached more than 80%. According to the development trend, the application rate of acrylic products in the Chinese advertising industry will also have a great breakthrough in the future.

At present, acrylic manufacturers emerge in endlessly in the market; Sanait Co Ltd, a well-known acrylic product factory in China, has 10 years of acrylic product manufacturing technology and excellent quality. The acrylic sheet used has a light transmittance of more than 93%, which is extremely expressive and visual impact; it has good coloring effect, good color development, yellowing resistance, good printability and sprayability, and can give acrylic products Ideal surface decoration effect; good processing performance, can be arbitrarily shaped; in the advertising industry, it is well received by economically powerful, brand-conscious merchants, chain stores, large supermarkets, and has been widely used in finance and insurance industries. Petroleum, petrochemical industry, food, fast food chain industry, clothing, home appliance chain industry…