Since ancient times, it has been said that “food is the heaven for the people”. As a “food country”, the kitchen is the most important thing in the home decoration, and the whole cabinet can be said to be a big “giant” in the kitchen decoration.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people are no longer limited to the survival stage of “just use it” in kitchen decoration, and more people are beginning to pursue the environmental protection and aesthetics of kitchen decoration.

If you want to make a good cabinet, all aspects cannot be ignored, especially the choice of material. The material of the cabinet door determines whether the cabinet is practical or not, and also determines the final aesthetic effect; today I will share with you the large number of modern home decorations.

Acrylic, also known as specially treated plexiglass, has a strong three-dimensional effect; because the surface is made of resin material and has a lacquer finish, it can create more rich colors to meet the individual pursuit of different tastes.

When the bright light color series meets modern and simple design, it is like a faint poetry; to get rid of the enclosed space, merge into the vast nature, wandering in the heart and taste between the heaven and the earth, the joy and comfort of the harmony of nature and man; this freshness that rushes to the face It is a kind of tolerance, but also a kind of life attitude and mood.

Acrylic is a polymer material that can be made into various shapes, such as dyeing, painting, screen printing or vacuum coating. When it is made into a countertop, it can achieve a seamless connection effect; the surface is smooth, and the highlight effect is obvious. There will be no orange peel when used; this kind of cabinet has a soft texture and is easier to clean. Just use a soft foam with toothpaste to clean it up.

What’s more rare is that artificial acrylic is a kind of denture material, which has good environmental protection effect. It is cured by special light during the production process to form a dense cured film, which can effectively reduce the release of harmful gases from the substrate. It can be directly contacted with food and can be used with peace of mind.
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