There are many kinds of fish tanks on the market, and what kind of fish tank is the acrylic fish tank? What is the advantage of it compared with ordinary fish tanks? If the fishermen buy such fish tanks, they will be cleaned and maintained daily. What issues should I pay attention to in the process? Today, we have invited Manager Tan of Production Department of Sanait Co Ltd to answer the questions.

Manager Tan said that the material used in the acrylic fish tank is acrylic, and most of its advantages are reflected in the material of acrylic. First, the acrylic transmittance is as high as 92%, so it does not require too much illumination and is very energy efficient. Moreover, the fish tank of this material can reflect the colorful color, which greatly improves the viewing effect of the fish tank. Secondly, acrylic has a high degree of plasticity and acid and alkali resistance. The majority of fishermen do not have to worry that the fish tank will be greatly damaged due to weather changes or changes in the pH of the fish tank. Acrylic-made fish tanks are lighter than ordinary fish tanks, but they are 16 times more resistant to impact than ordinary fish tanks. The majority of aquarists use such fish tanks to be light and not to worry about breakage, so the life of such tanks is longer than other tanks. Most of these tanks can be used for up to three years. Finally, the acrylic fish tank has an incomparable advantage in other fish tanks. After a period of use of a common aquarium, more or less caused by different degrees of wear due to fish and human causes, the cylinder is no longer transparent, greatly reducing the interest of viewing. The acrylic tank has high wear resistance, can withstand the corrosion of various chemical liquids and artificial wear, and can maintain the transparency of the cylinder for a long time, and maintains excellent viewing effect.

Sphere fish tank
Sphere fish tank

Since the acrylic fish tank has so many advantages, does it mean that its cleaning and maintenance will be very cumbersome and troublesome? The answer is no. The second reason why this kind of fish tank is favored by the majority of fish lovers is that it is very easy to maintain and clean. In the daily cleaning process, we can use a feather duster or a soft cloth to wipe, then rinse with water. If you encounter dirt and other dirty things that are difficult to handle, you can use a soft detergent to clean. In the regular maintenance process, you only need to use liquid polishing wax to evenly spread on the whole body of the fish tank.

Acrylic fish tank

The above is the advantage of the acrylic fish tank compared to other material fish tanks on the market. The cleaning and maintenance of the fish tank of this material is also very simple and convenient. In the process of purchasing a fish tank, the majority of fishermen can consider the fish tank of this type of material in combination with their own situation.