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How to choose material for display stands?

When designing and making display stands, a frequently asked question is how to choose the material ? below are some tips for this question:

1. Normally we can use acrylic, solid wood, MDF,glass,metal,cardboard etc to make the display stands.If you want to display expensive jewelry/clothes/cell phone/computer/cosmetic etc, acrylic naterial will be a better choice,because it can be made into many elegant shape, also it can be easily made to any shape; But for display some cheap items, cardboard displays looks a good choice;

2.Thinking about the display colors, choosing the right color material to make the displays is an important fact, if you want to display fashion items or like multi color mixed on one display, acrylic will be a good material for you, acrylic is easy to be colored, and the color is shining, it will let your products looks more elegant; If you just to display some big / rough surface of products, metal or wood material should be OK for you.

3.Choose the material according the construction of displays:
Normally we will use the same color of not clear backboard for the large floor displays which will be placed near the wall, and set some LED or mirror on it. The size will be adjusted according the requirements. For counter top display, we recommend to use clear acrylic displays for cosmetic / jewelry /watch / cell phone / gifts etc.For the small displays, normally it didn't need to be assembled with tools.