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Why we charge the acrylic sample cost

After a long time searching and negotiation, customers decide to require an acrylic sample for approval before order. But many customers see the quotation, will ask why your sample cost is so expensive. Can you make the sample free? Here Sanait Co Ltd would like to explain why we charge sample cost:

 1. Because of the particularity of the acrylic industry, Normally all of our items were custom made according customers requirements, and the factory is generally no inventory, which means that once the customer needs samples, we need to let the factory workers to re-production for customers, perhaps The material itself is not much money, but the cost of labor is not to be underestimated.

 2. We need to make drawing, molds and so on. Even make 1 piee sample, all these jobs are same as making mass goods. Because there is no large number of goods to share the cost of these, so sample price will be higher than the mass products price, this is the real reason why the sample cost is much higher than the price of a large number of  products.

 Although the sample cost is essential, but in the follow-up orders, we will  refund the sample  cost to the customer.  It means you can get the free samples.