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How to distinguish between good and bad acrylic

Now we often see a variety of acrylic display at the exhibition. However, there are too many acrylic display stands on the market,  common people simply can not tell which good quality, which is not good quality. So here today Sanait Co Ltd  are going to explain to you about the key to distinguish the quality of acrylic products.

In fact, it is very simple, poor quality acrylic products can be seen from the workmanship, the workmanship is relatively rough, the surface also has some minor flaws, feel is not very good, no heavy feeling.

And then good quality acrylic products, can be seen from the surface, but must be carefully checked, good quality acrylic surface is no flaws, and the texture is relatively heavy, feel more comfortable.

As long as the above method, we can very simple to distinguish the quality of acrylic products, so you do not have to worry about spending a large price to buy bad quality acrylic display stand.