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How to solve the problem of bottom film residue in the process of silk screen printing?

Acrylic display stand is not just to display products, more time is carrying the brand publicity, the company image, etc., so normally the company logo or product description will be screen printed. Almost all of our acrylic display stands need silk screen printing. 

Why the residual film on the acrylic displays during the acrylic screen printing process ? Mainly caused by the following reasons: 

1, Exposure light source selection improper. 

2, Uneven coating. 

3, The drying temperature is too high caused by thermal crosslinking 

4, Photographic emulsion preparation and use of the interval is too long. 

5, Lack of exposure or excessive exposure. 

6, Copy the end of the film and film contact is not real. 

7, Copy the end of the film and film contact is not real. Bottom plate itself is small black and white contrast. 

8, Red version of the time, methods, efforts to grasp the incorrect. 

9, Lack of development time. 


For the above screen printing process occurred in the situation, Sanait Co Ltd provides the following solutions: 


1, The exposure test, adjust the exposure time. 

2,  Increase the wire mesh tension, even with the net even on the glue. 

3,  According to the use of photosensitive adhesive instructions, control the drying temperature. 

4,  A reasonable choice of light source to strong ultraviolet light (halogen) is appropriate. 

5,  Shorten the use of interval. 

6,  By vacuum adsorption or other means to make it close together. 

7,  Check the bottom plate transparency and blackness. 

8,  The correct control of plate time, methods and efforts. 

9,  To increase the development time significantly through the text.