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Acrylic carving technology

Carving skills in the acrylic production process is very important, if you knew well about it, you can make a nice product by engraving.

1. Before making, adjust the engraving machine, set the appropriate depth, do not have stratified sculpture, which can be achieved by replacing the tool. Acrylic production process if the use of layered sculpture will be prone to stacked marks, will affect the smoothness of the late paint.

2. To use the three-dimensional method during engraving, select the ninety degrees of conical knife, so out of the acrylic plate from the technical will reduce its rough feeling.

3. Paint coloring in the process of making acrylic is the most important, it is best sprayed in the paper before the first shot into the cup for a quarter of an hour, and then slowly painted the brush. Otherwise, the paint is particularly corrosive dilution will damage the acrylic surface paint.

4. Acrylic in the production must be affixed to the surface before the stickers, so that when the color is safe operation. The best operation is to hand coloring, the effect will be more good, do not have to rework.

Acrylic carving technology
is in the work of long-term accumulation, because the production technology is a direct impact on the product effect, so in the production process to carefully understand, in order to achieve product quality leap.