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Led acrylic light box make your life more beautiful

The life of led acrylic light box is 5 to 10 times longer than that of ordinary lamp life. The extension of life span greatly save the maintenance costs. 

As ultra slim light box has adopted import superior aluminum alloy overall open-frame structure, and been equipped with removable hooks or hanging hole ,which make the installation and screen change easily,quickly. 95% of the material that ultra slim light box use can be recyclable, which completely comply with the requirements of environmental protection.In addition ,ultra slim light box is energy saving. Due to the use of advanced light guide plate technology, so ultra slim LED light box feature with high photoelectric conversion rate,its power consumption is only 23% of the same screen area of ordinary light box. 

Take 1 square meter screen area and electricity per day 10 hours for example,, the ordinary light box consume nearly 900 degrees every year,while the consumption of ultra slim LED light box is just 200 degrees ,saving up to 77%, The special high brightness quality fluorescent lamp that ultra slim led light box is about  8,000 hours or more on average, and the average life of special cold cathode fluorescent lamp is about 15,000 hours or more.