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Perspex material become an important role in our dairly life

Perspex is one kind of synthetic glass. The chemical name is PMMA ( polymethyl methacrylate ).Perspex is an important thermoplastic plastic developed in many years ago. Perspex feature is with high transparency,weather resisting property,chemical stability, and workable,easy to dye.

Due to perspex special feature, perspex products were widely used in many fields:

Plasticity: We introduce many technics in the earlier introduction of perspex products, and this indirectly reflects the plasticity of perspex material.

Transmittance of light: Many perspex products are made of transparent perspex, due to its high transparent feature (above 92%), Usually,perspex products which were made of transparent perspex can reduce the intensity of the light needed, it is more energy-saving.

Except the 2 above-mentioned characters, perspex has other feature like acid, weatherability, and alkali-resistance:

Perspex is convenient and fast maintenance, It's convenient to maintain perspex product, very easy to clean, even the rain can clean the dust and stain on it. As for some stain that is relatively hard to clean, you can use soapy water of low concentration and a piece of soft cotton cloth to easily clean it.

The temperature interval of perspex is lower than 85 degrees Celsius, it still can keep complete existence even after exposure to the sun and rain for seasons and does not distort. So perspex belongs to one kinds of special synthetic glass.