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Knowledge about acrylic sheets

According to the making method,there are two kinds of acrylic sheets: extrusion acrylic sheet and cast acrylic sheet .And according to the colors, acrylic sheets include red ,blue ,green ,black ,white ,clear etc. Acrylic sheets thickness range  normally are from 1.5mm to 50mm thicknesses.
Acrylic can be laser cut, saw cut, drilled, engraved, finished and edge polished with our state of the art machinery. They have many applications widely used in industrial, commercial and wholesales & retail purposes.
Acrylic sheets are with high light transmission and can be easily formed without loss of optical clarity. Even exposure to moisture or total immersion in water,it does not significantly affect the mechanical or optical properties. Acrylic sheet is UV stabilized to withstand weathering and to resist prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Below are main feature of acrylic sheets:
1. Excellent optical quality and light transmission;
2. Excellent weather resistance
3. 10 times of impact strength of glass
4. Easily fabricated, thermoformed, polished or machined
5. Chemical resistance to common acids, alkalis, salt spray, petroleum oils and greases
Some applications of acrylic sheets:
1.Boxes & cases
2.Brochure/menu holders
3.Display stands
4.Photo frames / picture frames
5.Cosmetic display stands
6.Jewelry display stands
7. Fish tank,bowl