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Important tips for silk screen printing on acrylic signs

Most of acrylic signs in the process need to be screen printed, silk screen printing in acrylic signage production process is very important, Below are some important tip for silk screen printing:
1. We should chose high gloss and friction resistant acrylic inks, especiallywe can't use of matte inks, because it is not resistant to friction, color is not bright. The lamp box and outdoor signs, we also need to use the imported good lightfastness of ink, to resist the strong light, prolong its service life.
2. Acrylic cutting size should be consistent, adjacent sides are at a 90 degree angle and thickness are uniformity. According to the printing screen size, keep suitable margin till to finish printing, then cutting the extra edge. For the polychromatic overprinter or four-color printing, we should choose the magnetic white or transparent acrylic sheet. Magnetic whiteboard for positive printing, transparent sheet is used for printing on the reverse side.
3. If the dust adhered on the screen, it will cause the text and color defects. Therefore, the printing must be performed in a clean room. There are two steps to clean the dust, at first use a cotton cloth to wipe the wet dust off the surface, and then use the electrostatic brush or roller dust brushing the dust residue. When printing, we must inspect at any time, if found defects, cleaning the screen timely, then printing.