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The use of acrylic sheet note

Acrylic sheet is used in the production of acrylic products, although it has many excellent properties, but we still should have a deep understanding for the note in the use of acrylic sheet to avoid unnecessary trouble.

1, Acrylic sheet will soften when the temperature was heated to 100 ℃ or more, so we should avoid the use of more than 100 ℃.

2, The surface hardness of acrylic sheet is equivalent to the surface hardness of aluminum, therefore when we pick and place it, we should pay attention to the protection of the surface of the machining process, the surface such as scratch, can be polished to repair.

3, The surface of acrylic sheet by static reason easily attached to dust, dust removal of soap water with a soft cotton cloth dipped in 1% concentration of easily.

4, The thermal expansion coefficient of Acrylic sheet is big, its expansion and contraction of the metal for nine times, therefore, in the use of acrylic sheet processing, we must consider the expansion gap reserved.